Selay Karasu
Visual Artist & Designer 

‘’Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.’’  CARL SAGAN

Selay Karasu is an independent new media artist, designer and project manager based in Istanbul.
She believes both science and art are human attempts to understand and describe the universe. The subjects and methods have different paths, and the intended audiences are different, but the motivations and goals are the same. She is concentrated on science art in abstract context and spectrum to translate her own observations and insights about universe into visible, audible, and tangible expressions. 

In her sophomore year at university, she has begun working in Video Production
field, with OUCHHH & VOID she worked on commercial/documentation videos for
several prestigious brands. One of her works was displayed in MoMA, NY.

In her years in the field, she grew on motion design, her audio/visual works were displayed in several national and international festivals, received many awards
and got published in significant artistic websites and magazines. Her A/V performances were exhibited in substantial platforms around the globe such as; CERN Particle Physics Laboratory, Society For Arts And Technology [SAT], MOMA NY, Burning Man Festival (USA), WIRED, Fubiz, Vimeo(Staff Pick), Prix Ars Electronica, Signal Light Festival (CZ), IX Immersion Experience Symposium (CAN).

She is currently working as Designer & Project Manager and
she continues her studies at Istanbul Bilgi University.


Istanbul Bilgi University Bachelor of Arts (BA), Visual Communication Design & Photography and Video Double Major
2009 - ......

Besiktas Anatolian High School

2016 - ''Bioinspire'' Prix Ars Electronica - Honorary Mention
2016 - ''Bioinspire'' - Vimeo Staff Pick

2015 - ''Homeomorphism'' Prix Ars Electronica - Honorary Mention

2015 - ''Homeomorphism'' - Vimeo Staff Pick


Visual Artist & Project Manager (2015 – Now)


Designer & Creative Director (2015)


Video Production & Visual Artist & Project Manager (2010 - 2015)


Videographer (2009 – Jan 2011)


Photographer (Sep 2008 – Jan 2010)



2018 - Abysmal, w/  VOID, Ars Electronica, Linz
, Austria
2017 - Lines, w/ VOID, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
2016 - Bioinspire, w/ VOID,  IAIA | Institute of American Indian Arts, New Mexico, USA 
2015 - "Polyhx'', w/ Ouchhh, Signal Light Festival, Letohrádek Kinských, Prague, Czech Republic
2015 - "Asymptote", w/ Ouchhh, Kernel Festival, Duomo Di Messina, Messina, Sicily
2015 - "Solenoid", w/ Ouchhh, IX Immersion Experience Symposium, Montreal, Canada
2015 - "Solenoid", w/ Ouchhh, Elektra 16, Montreal, Canada
2015 - "AVA", w/ Ouchhh, Alter Paname, Paris, France
2015 - "Homeomorphism", w/ Ouchhh, CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research , Geneva, Switzerland
2014 - "Homeomorphism", w/ Ouchhh, The Institute of American Indian Arts, New Mexico, United States
2014 - "Homeomorphism", w/ Ouchhh, Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe University of Art & Design, New Mexico, United States
2013 - ''Mentalis Structuram'', w/ Ouchhh, Kernel Festival, Villa Tittoni Traversi, Milano, Italy
2013 - YAP Istanbul Modern & MoMA PS1, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NewYork, United States
2013 - YAP Istanbul Modern & MoMA PS1, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 - "Track 10", ÇSM, santralistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 - "Shadow Lab", santralistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 - "Track 09", ÇSM, santralistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey


2017 - Talk: Science Art, Mira Festival, Barcelona, Spain
2016 - Interview: Turkish Media Art, Lumen Club, Austria
2015 - Talk: Signal Light Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
2015 - Talk: Kernel Festival & AreaOdeon, Messina, Sicily
2015 - Talk: IX Immersion Experience Symposium, Montreal, Canada
2015 - Article: Using 3D Mapping to Recreate, Renovate and Reinterpret, Screencity Lab Journal, Milano, Italy
2013 - Talk: Kernel Festival & AreaOdeon, Milano, Italy

Selay Karasu
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