*Coalescence: The uniting or merging of elements to form one mass or whole.

In the quantum universe at low energy levels convergent to absolute zero, atoms combine by stripping off their characteristic features and perform in harmony as if they were part of a whole.

Inspired by this phenomenon, ‘Coalescence’ transcends mere physicality to explore the profound philosophical implications of unity and multitude through the dance of atoms in the quantum universe where distinct pieces lose their individuality to form a harmonious whole at the brink of absolute zero. Creating chaos in harmony by merging simple elements in production practice, Karasu interprets the concepts of unity-multitude over this harmonious integration by mimicking the quantum behavior on a macro scale. ‘Coalescence', reveals the interconnectedness beyond the apparent chaos and order in the universe; and challenges the viewer to appreciate the beauty in diversity while reflecting the universal truth that within the multitude lies multiple singular essences that are waiting to be discovered.

Commissioned artwork by TOGG.