DreamTV Music Channel IDs' / Reborn Project _ Short Montage from Ouchhh on Vimeo.


I was working as part of the in-house team at Ouchhh as designer and project manager.
Direction : Ouchhh
Client: Doğan Holding / DreamTV
Agency: Ouchhh
Director: Ferdi Alici
3d Designers_Animators: Bahadir Dagdelen, Caglar Ozen, Dilan Regal,
Emre Onol, Ferdi Alici, H.Kerem Kose, Yusuf Emre Kucur
Video Production: Selay Karasu, H.Kerem Kose
Montage: Eylul Duranagac
IDs' Sound Design: Selcuk Can Guven
Song: The Glitch Mob / Daft Punk Derezzed
Thanks: Safak Ongan, Pelin Yildirim, Ebru Iscan