3D Anaglyph A/V Performance for SIGNAL Prague Light festival 15 — 18/10/15
Location: Letohrádek Kinských / Petřínské sady

I was working as part of the in-house team at Ouchhh as designer and project manager.

A unique audio/visual experience drawing from the theory that all the universe is based on an algorithm using abstract elements and primitive objects.

A 3D Anaglyph A/V Performance that lights up the Kinský Summer Palace in Prague’s Smichov, built in the late classicist style by Viennese architect Heinrich Koch. The architecture plays a leading role in the projection. Its entire concept is based on the mathematical foundation with which architects nowadays create in a completely different way using algorithms and parameters. The result is a so-called parametric architecture, which served as the inspiration for us.

In SIGNAL 's words :

''The projection tears the Kinský Summer Palace from its current form and transforms it into parametric architecture. In so doing the artists draw from the theory that all of the universe is based on an algorithm through which all animate and inanimate beings exist in harmony. Using abstract elements and primitive objects OUCHHH promises visitors a unique audiovisual experience they will never forget.''

Direction&Animation: Ouchhh
Director:Ferdi Alici
Concept Development: Eylul Duranagac, Ferdi Alici, Selay Karasu
Project Manager: Selay Karasu
A/V Artists: Orhan Sayin, Eylul Duranagac, Ferdi Alici, Selay Karasu, Mertcan Seker
Sound Design: Ali Can Okan