The new awakening of human and machine fusion is just starting to sprout like the initial steps of microorganisms which had to switch and grow into more complex entities hundreds of millions of years ago. The symbiosis between machine and organic is a new chapter into our future, but what should be our focus as we design and implement human-machine symbiosis for the purpose of reaching the next step for mankind?

Sentient is a digital generative art piece that originates from this profound inquiry. This artwork invites visitors to explore the potential symbiosis between human and machines, touching upon the physical, mental, ethical, and philosophical implications of such a convergence. The piece aspires to carve out a contemplative space for audiences to reflect on which values should be given priority as we mold our personal and collective futures. "Sentient" is not just a visual experience; it is a meditative journey, prompting deep introspection on the harmony of organic life with mechanical augmentation.